Sunday, February 17, 2013


Name: Zymone Croslen
Age: 20
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 160
Measurements: 32, 29, 42
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown

Hobbies: I love playing basketball, making music, and taking pictures. 

Royalty Magazine: So how are you? What are some of your goals or plans for 2013? Tell us one thing you will do differently than previous years before? 

Zymone: I'm doing great, awesome couldn't be better.  My goals and plans for 2013 is to be a better person and get ahead in life. I wouldn't do anything different this year because I'm on the right road to success. 

Royalty Magazine: What sparked your interest in modeling? How did you get started and what were some of the first steps you took to turn your dream or interest into a reality? 

Zymone: Everybody says I should be a model but I didn't think I had what it takes because I'm not paper thin. I never tried to model, instead I joined the army. Discovery of this magazine gave me hope. 

Royalty Magazine: What are some of your accomplishments and/or greatest moments so far as a model?

Zymone: I've been in fashion shows in high school but  as far as that I haven't accomplished anything else. My greatest moment was winning this contest. 

Royalty Magazine: Who would you say inspires you to do this and why?

Zymone: One person that inspires me is my heart and soul my cousin "Hailey". She is the reason I do everything. I will do anything for that young lady. 

Royalty Magazine: Society and media have a certain standard they uphold in order to be considered beautiful or successful. These standards are a lot of times unrealistic and don't always portray your everyday average individual. Yet people are developing eating disorders, getting plastic surgery and dying just to live up to these non realistic standards.  

Have you yourself experienced or know someone who has been through any of these issues?  In your eyes, what makes a model beautiful and/or successful?   

Zymone: I don't know anyone who has been through that, but I see it all the time on TV. In my eyes what makes a beautiful model is someone with the confidence and drive to be the best they can be. I believe your personality is a big part as well as physical appearance.

Royalty Magazine: Any advice to anyone who feels that they need to sacrifice who they are just to be what the world considers "beautiful" or “successful”? 

Zymone: My advice would be  if your not happy doing what your doing and you can't be yourself, then you should stop. In life I believe you should be happy at all times. 

Royalty Magazine: How will you use your looks and/or talents to make a difference in this industry? What is one thing you would want the world to always remember about you? 

Zymone: I would uses my looks and talents to inspire the younger generation to follow their dreams. I would want the people to remember me as a trend setter, but most importantly a positive inspirational person. 

Royalty Magazine:  How do you feel movements like Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine help talent gain exposure? Would you recommend our Mr. or Mz. Royalty contest to other models or artists looking to increase their exposure and/or to build brand visibility? 

Zymone: I feel Street Thoughts and Royalty Magazine is a good look. I appreciate the positive outlook of this movement. Giving people hope and success is always a good thing. 

Royalty Magazine:  How did you hear about the Mr. or Mz. Royalty contest and what prompted you to enter?  At this point & time in the contest, how do you feel your chances are of winning?  What motivates you to keep grinding & pulling in votes?

Zymone: One of my friends asked me to vote for her so I decided to enter myself, just to see what the hype is about. My chances are slim with 24 votes, but winning "Featured Model of the Day" is fine with me. What motivates me is being able to win! 

Royalty Magazine: Any last words, comments or shout outs? Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven't already?

Zymone: I just want to thank Royalty Magazine for the opportunity. Mrs. Barksdale for putting me on. My cousin Hailey for pushing me to do better. 

Royalty Magazine: Thank you for your time and congrats on being our featured model of the day! You are Royalty!

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