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Say Hello to "Anastazia Beckworth", our Featured Model of the day!

Name: Anastazia Beckworth
5’ 0”
Measurements: Bust: 
33 Waist: 25 Hips: 36
Hair Color: 
Eye Color: 

Hobbies: Swimming, fishing, hiking, camping, drifting (race cars), charity events/benefits…

Royalty Magazine: So how are you? What are some of your goals or plans for 2013? Tell us one thing you will do differently than previous years before? 

Anastazia: I am currently going to school to become an editor/writer/journalist and I would love to graduate with amazing grades. My goal with modeling/acting in the next year is to promote myself as much as possible, to be featured in as many magazines as possible and hopefully see myself in a commercial on T.V!

Royalty Magazine: What sparked your interest in modeling? How did you get started and what were some of the first steps you took to turn your dream or interest into a reality?

Anastazia: When I was 17, people started asking if I had thought about modeling. I never put too much thought into it because I wanted to be an actress. People always told me I had to be 6ft tall and I figured I had to be flawless for people to consider me a model. Since I’m only 5ft tall and full of flaws, I didn't even try. I was just recently given the chance to do commercial work and modeling with my boyfriend/photographer, Wesley Weaver, and friend, Matthew Boisson. I fell in love with being on camera, so I decided to really get into it and see where it takes me. 

My boyfriend found a bunch of gigs on craigslist for me, I started a portfolio on Model Mayhem, and I instantly got jobs! I just started modeling a week ago and already I've won a contest, have my own modeling page on Facebook, and have done 5 shoots! I’m very determined to go somewhere big with this now that I know I have what it takes!

Royalty Magazine: What are some of your accomplishments and/or greatest moments so far as a model?

Anastazia: My greatest accomplishment so far is winning this contest. I was so excited when I found out that I screamed! I’m working with Charles Valentine, who has had some of his photo’s published in big magazines and he has talked about submitting some of my photos. I would be thrilled if I actually made it into several magazines and started getting more work!

Royalty Magazine: Who would you say inspires you to do this and why?

Anastazia: My boyfriend is an amazing inspiration. He got my portfolio started and has been telling me for years that I could be a model. He’s the one that posted the link to the contest everywhere. He literally messaged all 900 of his friends the link, and sent it to a really popular Facebook page called “fap fap fap” so that I would get all the votes I needed to win. He is pushing me forward and helping me in so many ways! He truly believes in me and has inspired me to take charge and go for my dream.

Royalty Magazine: Society and media have a certain standard they uphold in order to be considered beautiful or successful. These standards are a lot of times unrealistic and don't always portray your everyday average individual. Yet people are developing eating disorders, getting plastic surgery and dying just to live up to these non realistic standards.  

Have you yourself experienced or know someone who has been through any of these issues?  In your eyes, what makes a model beautiful and/or successful?

Anastazia: I definitely understand what it’s like to look at a model and think “I wish I were that perfect”. I didn't realize how much they edit pictures and what they could really do to make their models flawless until I started modeling. Models are NOT perfect and there is no way you’ll ever look like the pictures! I am FAR from perfect but I know what makes me look good and what I’m comfortable with doing. I have had kids so everything in my midsection is ruined. I know that area doesn't look good, so I don’t show it off. I've learned that confidence is key, you cannot get a good picture if you’re not confident and no photographer wants to deal with shy people. I’m learning to love myself even with my flaws because nobody can see what I don’t want them to see. 

As for success? I am now rolling into my 15th hour of modeling, networking and promoting myself as I write this. You only get what you want, if you work hard for it.

Royalty Magazine: Any advice to anyone who feels that they need to sacrifice who they are just to be what the world considers "beautiful" or “successful”? 

Anastazia: Only do what you’re comfortable with doing and porn is not the only way to go! I see so many women take their clothes off so that they get attention and I think it’s sad. I have had several photographers ask me to do nudes/semi nudes and I won’t do it! I am not comfortable with being naked and I don’t want that kind of attention. I don’t want my children, family or friends to see me naked or wearing just a bra and underwear. I have some risque photos, but I RESPECT myself and I think more women should too. There is enough porn in this world, I don’t want to add to it!

Royalty Magazine: How will you use your looks and/or talents to make a difference in this industry? What is one thing you would want the world to always remember about you?

Anastazia: I have got to be the shyest model in the world! I don’t consider myself gorgeous or beautiful because I use to be an ugly duckling, and I've seen myself naked! Even after winning this contest and seeing all the comments/likes on my pictures, I still don’t feel any different. I’m goofy, weird and awkward; I like to have fun and would love to bring that to the industry. I’m tired of seeing stiff, altered models in magazines. I've done it myself! I’d like to see more normalcy and natural beauty. I want to see personalities instead of perfect faces. I think that if I made it big enough, I could talk magazines into trying out a “normal people” subscription and go from there. Give people like me a better chance at modeling instead of watching it pass them by because they’re not made of plastic or “perfect.”

Royalty Magazine:  How do you feel movements like Street Thoughts & Royalty Magazine help talent gain exposure? Would you recommend our Mr. or Mz. Royalty contest to other models or artists looking to increase their exposure and/or to build brand visibility? 

Anastazia: I would love to see Street Thoughts and Royalty Magazine become bigger! They are awesome because they give everybody a chance no matter what they look like. This contest has shown me how awesome my friends are and that you don’t have to be perfect to win. You just have to sell yourself and appreciate what you get. I would definitely recommend the Mr. or Mz. Royalty contest to others, it has opened my eyes to how home grown success can be achieved and that modeling agencies aren't the only way to go.

Royalty Magazine:  How did you hear about the Mr. or Mz. Royalty contest and what prompted you to enter?  At this point & time in the contest, how do you feel your chances are of winning?  What motivates you to keep grinding & pulling in votes?  

Anastazia: My boyfriend found an ad on craigslist for Royalty Magazine and sent me the link. I opened it to see what the magazine was about and saw the contest. I decided to take my chances and once my boyfriend made the link to the contest viral, it took off from there and surprised us both at how fast my votes grew. I would have had over 500 votes, but unfortunately people thought that just liking the post instead of the actual link was helping me, but I still won the first contest so I’m thrilled! After winning the first contest, I feel like I could win them all and I plan on it! Seeing how supportive all my friends are and watching the votes continue to rise really helps me push forward and drives me to succeed!

Royalty Magazine: Any last words, comments or shot outs? Anything you want to touch basis on that we haven't already? 

Anastazia: Wesley Weaver/Penumbra Productions, thank you soooo much for giving me the chance to do this, for pushing me forward and being maniacal when it comes to my success. Matthew Boisson/Boisson Media, thank you for giving Wesley and I a chance to show our true talent in your commercials and using us for all of your advertisement. To everybody that shared/liked my link to the contest and liked my modeling page “Anastazia”, THANK YOU! You all have shown me how amazing you are and knowing I have your support has really built my confidence and motivation to keep going. Mom(Kritter’s Leather) and dad, thank you for my genes! :p

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