Brand Ambassadors

Who are the City Grinder's? 

We are the official Street Team (Brand Ambassadors) of the Smokers Society and Street Thoughts community!  

Our mission is to bring awareness to our brands, provide business opportunities for qualified grinders as well as exceed the expectations of our participating clients.  

Our structure is like no other because we build leaders from within as well as create job opportunities.  

We also provide creative services such as marketing/promotion, music distribution, product demonstration, focus groups, social media & facebook page management, etc.  

Our overall objective is to provide exceptional service to our clients, raise the bar when it comes to promotion/branding, build loyalty among-st our team and create fun/exciting new opportunities.

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Brand Ambassadors: 

City Grinder is a movement that consists of talented individuals from all around the world.  From Street Team to Digital Promotion, the City Grinder's represent grinding at its fullest.

While staying loyal to their position & community, official City Grinder's also stay true to their roots.

Joining our movement will help unite real grinders in their purest form!  

Members will also experience grinder benefits such as worldwide promotion, radio play, magazine features, interviews, performance slots, gig opportunities & more.  There are also bonuses, prizes and commission opportunities available.

Clients in need of promotion will be able to experience beneficial factors of the movement.

Our Goals:
  • To take grinding to a whole other level.
  • To exceed the expectation of our clients.
  • To build long lasting business professional relationships.
  • To remain loyal to our customers, workers, community & grind.
  • To build brand visibility & bring awareness to the Smokers Society, Street Thoughts community, etc..

Want to be a City Grinder?

We are currently accepting new members in your area to join.  Please click here for more info.